Digital Delay Switch Panel

Digital Delay Switch Panel

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Available in Black or Chrome.

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The same performance and reliability of our Mega Panel with the addition of our Elite Relay Board.

Switch Panel - Sleek and compact. Designed to easily fit into a dragster's dash. The lit starter push-button and premium grade switches combine new-age design with functionality. The ignition and fuel pump switches are dual position switches, while the Fan/Water Pump, Head light/Tail light, and Aux-1/Aux-2 are three position switches. Features two "Dual Select" dip switches, one for the Auxiliary and one for the Headlight/Taillight three position switches. Designed to easily fit into a dragster's dash like a conventional switch panel.

Version 10 Elite Relay Board - Built with durability in mind, and capable of supplying up to 100-Amps continuously. Each output includes its own status indicator light, and a fuse with a status indicator light. Most of the outputs are rated at up to 40-Amps, and if necessary, two outputs can be connected together for up to 80 Amps.

A high current Shift output keeps cock-style shifter solenoids from being hot when idle by activing only when the Ignition switch is on. The Shift Output Controller allows the driver to select whether to shift on time, or RPM, using a remotely mounted Select Switch. A slide switch toggles Output (to control whether the shift output will apply +12 volts (N.O.) to shift or remove +12 Volts (N.C.) to shift) and two Input Selector Switches instruct the relay board whether +12 Volts or ground is coming from the Shift Controllers.

Wiring Kit - includes enough color coded wire, connectors, wire ties and a complete color coded diagram to help you neatly wire a vehicle. The Switch Panel plugs into our Elite Relay Board using the supplied heavy duty cable.